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A glass of whiskey paired with appetizers, illustrating the elegance of food photography.

Ready to feast your eyes on some delectable visuals?

Food photography is the secret sauce that turns a simple dish into a visual feast. It's the art of making viewers' mouths water and their stomachs rumble just by looking at a picture. Think of it as the culinary world’s version of a supermodel photo shoot, but with less pouting and more sprinkles.


Serving Up Visual Delights

From menus to social media, Our Sight ensures your food looks as delicious as it tastes.  A top-notch food photographer will capture the textures, colors, and unique presentations of your dishes. Yes, including that ooey-gooey chocolate lava cake—capturing the drama of the molten center oozing out, the contrast of the rich chocolate against a pristine white plate, and the steam that practically makes you feel the warmth through the screen.


Mouth-Watering Marketing

Altered State Productions shakes up everything you know about food photography, serving images that drive engagement, enhance brand perception, and boost sales. 


  • Initial Consultation: Let's get on the same page with your brand and styling preferences.
  • Flexible Photo Shoots: Whether on-site or in-studio, your culinary masterpieces are captured.
  • Expert Food Styling: Guidance on composition to make every dish look irresistible.
  • High-Resolution Images: Multiple formats perfect for menus, websites, and social media.


Metrics That Matter

The food photography service dishes out a significant impact.


  • Engagement Rates: Watch those likes, shares, and comments pile up on social media.
  • Customer Attraction: See a boost in customer visits and orders.
  • Brand Perception: Notice how your brand's image gets a gourmet upgrade.
  • Sales Conversion: Measure how their mouthwatering photos turn viewers into buyers.


If you want your dishes to sizzle, your pastries to pop, and your cocktails to clink through the screen, investing in food photography is a recipe for success.


Ready to turn your meals into clickbait? Let's get cooking!

Food Photography


We provide the crew, cameras, lights, and any other required gear.  Expect a curated selection of 200-300 raw image files. If needed, all raw image files can be provided. Your images will be delivered through a shared drive folder. You will receive a preview of selected edited images within 48 hours, with the full set available within 2-4 weeks. 

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