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Overcoming Tragedy and Memory Loss to Create a Masterpiece

Updated: Jun 10

Juno exhales smoke from his nose, creating a visually captivating scene representing the artistry of music production and Dallas marketing.

Juno spent many months in bed, reflecting on his relationship with Alicia and the memories that had escaped him. He felt there was still so much he wanted to say to her.

Juno Complex, Dallas-based iconic artist and audio producer, overcomes tragedy and memory loss with the acclaimed EP "Lost Files," a deeply personal project blending ambient soundscapes with natural sounds and audio recordings. WARNING: This content may contain graphic images, videos, and text which may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


Oscar Hernandez, later known as Juno Complex, has had a lifelong love for music. It began when he joined a mariachi group at seven years old after his father gifted him a guitar. Juno fondly remembers his mother playing 70's romantic ballads and Spanish rock, like Camilo Sesto and Caifanes. Camilo Sesto's work typically featured lyrics that focused on themes of love, heartbreak, and relationships. These songs were often performed at a slower tempo with a simple chord structure and a memorable melody. Many of Camilo Sesto's romantic ballads were written in a verse-chorus form, with the verse setting the scene and the chorus reinforcing the main message or emotion of the song.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Juno was surrounded by music from a young age. His mother played a variety of romantic ballads and 70's Mexican rock bands. He looks back at these memories with happiness, to waking up to the sound of these songs on Saturdays. These early musical experiences had a lasting impact on Juno. He cites the singers and bands he heard as a child, as well as more modern acts like Radiohead and Brian Eno, as major influences in developing his own signature sound. Throughout his career, Juno has remained dedicated to exploring new avenues in music and striving to create something truly original and innovative.


Juno's passion for music began at a young age and continued to flourish as he grew older. In 2009, he had the opportunity to debut his EP "My Hoverboard" at the Phoenix Project, a local lineup event. Legendary musicians like J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and the LA beat scene heavily influenced the 8-bit cosmic beat album. A few short years later, Juno partnered with Rob Viktum to co-found Smashing Buttons, an event that showcased live performances by artists creating beats at the Arcade Bar.

In a captivating scene, a person rides a Juno complex hover board while another man hides his face with a jacket, adding an element of mystery. Meanwhile, nearby, someone joyfully plays an instrument, creating a harmonious atmosphere filled with music and futuristic energy.

Throughout his career, Juno has been drawn to musicians who are not afraid to take risks and try new things in their work. He strives to do the same in his own music and is always looking for ways to contribute something fresh and innovative to the genre.


On March 13, 2015, time stood still and everything changed for Juno Complex. Juno went to work after an unresolved argument with his girlfriend, Alicia. The two agreed to talk more after he returned. When Juno called Alicia after work that night, there was no answer. He walked to a nearby bar with a friend and was surprised to see his girlfriend come into the same bar later that night with two friends, one he’d never met.

After some time, Juno and Alicia left the bar. They were given a ride by the new friend of Alicia that Juno had just met that night. As they traveled along Loop 12 at the 183 exit in Dallas, it became apparent from his erratic driving that the driver was heavily intoxicated. He was moving dangerously fast and took one particular turn so quickly that he lost control of the vehicle. As the car rolled over, Juno and Alicia were ejected from the back seat where they’d been riding without seat belts. The driver had been wearing a seat belt and remained in the car.

When EMTs arrived, they found the driver first, asking if anyone else had been in the car with him. He only indicated that Alicia had been a passenger. The paramedics found her on the road and took the two to the hospital - leaving Juno unconscious on the side of the road after being flung over 100 feet away from the vehicle. He was later told he lay there for forty-five minutes until he was found by someone that was sent to retrieve the disabled vehicle.

An intriguing instrument with the words 'Dream Apology' inscribed on it, serving as a musical conduit for expressing heartfelt remorse and aspirations.

Four weeks later, Juno woke up in the hospital feeling like the entire experience had been a dream. Surrounded by his family, he asked where Alicia was. At first, they were worried about the shock of so much troubling news ance. They told him she was at work. Eventually, he would learn the truth of Alicia's fate. No one could bring themselves to look him in the eyes as they told him the tragic news.


Juno's mind was overwhelmed with thoughts as he struggled with memory loss. He could vividly recall the moment he knocked on the neurologist's door at the rehabilitation center, filled with fear and worry. "Is this going to last forever? Am I going to be like this forever?" he muttered.

Juno, stands with the sun emanating from their head, embodying the creative energy and artistic vision associated with music production, video production, media production, and branding.

The doctor informed Juno that it would likely take about a year of rehab, including abstaining from substances, in order for him to make some progress in his recovery. However, it was uncertain if he would fully regain his previous abilities. Juno spent many months in bed, abstaining from harmful substances and reflecting on his relationship with Alicia and the memories that had escaped him. He felt there was still so much he wanted to say to her.


Oscar had been going through a difficult time in his life and was struggling to regain his footing. He felt lost and unsure of how to move forward and had begun to feel like he was spinning his wheels without making real progress. In an effort to regain his memory and sense of self, he started digging through his file explorer to see if there were any audio files or drafts that might help him remember who he used to be. To his surprise, he found that everything looked foreign and unfamiliar, and he felt like he was learning about Juno Complex all over again through his files.

In a captivating image, a man stands and gazes at the cityscape, while in the foreground, a Pattern Recording Instrument SP404 is prominently displayed. The urban backdrop reflects the vibrant energy of the city, while the instrument represents the creative potential and versatility in music production

It was a long and challenging journey, but he made significant progress. His doctor suggested that he try to find something he enjoyed doing to help him feel joy again. During his journey to rediscover himself, Juno stumbled upon drafts and quick notes of inspiration that contained ambient sounds and SFX. These scraps of music felt highly personal to Juno, and he found himself obsessively exploring the many variables of the Pattern Recording Instrument SP404, a popular electronic music device used by artists like Flying Lotus and Animal Collective.

He spent hours getting lost in the intimate space of the instrument and felt like it was a gateway through which he could communicate with Alicia, who he had lost. He began playing stored audio files of her speaking over the sound, which was the closest he had felt to her since her passing.


The process for this album involved experimenting with ambient soundscapes and incorporating natural sounds and audio recordings. Juno felt he was using it as a time machine to communicate with his past self. It was a cathartic and deeply personal experience that helped him rediscover his love for creativity and piece together his Lost Files.


As Oscar delved into the process of creating Lost Files, he was driven by a deep desire to reconnect with the person he loved most in the world: Alicia. He had lost her in a tragic accident. The pain of her absence had left him feeling lost and alone. In an effort to find some solace, he turned to music and began to blend ambient soundscapes with natural sounds and audio recordings of Alicia's voice. As he worked, he found that the process helped him to feel closer to her and to feel like he was communicating with her through a time machine of sorts.

Through his music, Oscar was able to tap into his deepest emotions and express the love and longing he felt for Alicia. He poured his heart and soul into the project, and in the end, he was able to create something deeply personal and meaningful to him. Although he never expected anyone else to understand or appreciate his work, he was surprised and moved by the positive response it received from fans around the world. In the end, Lost Files became a testament to the enduring power of love and the healing power of art.


As Juno's popularity and demand for his music grew, he found himself performing at a variety of venues and events. One of these was Las Almas Rotas, where he played hypnotizing and relaxing house music with a touch of Santeria ambiance. He also had the opportunity to perform at Mezcaleria, an invite-only speakeasy, as well as the renowned Crown and Harp. Juno collaborated with local artist DENUHMUG on a Chopped & Screwed Cumbia & Slow Down House set at the Metropolis Bar. In addition to these performances, Juno also gained momentum and a residency at Strangeways. There, he had the chance to curate the music and contribute slowed-down vibes at the Mr. Pookie show.

These experiences helped establish Juno's reputation as a talented and innovative musician. He continued to build on this momentum as he moved forward as the featured music artist at Altered State Productions, an award-winning Dallas videographer turned full-service media and marketing agency. Juno's contribution to music production for the digital advertising and branding agency brings an element of artistry to its video production and marketing strategies. The combination is true Dallas marketing at its best.

In a dynamic composition, three elements converge in a single image. A man, standing on a concert stage, touches his head in a moment of musical inspiration. On one side, an image symbolizing Spotify for Artists captures the essence of digital music distribution and analytics. Meanwhile, the radiant sun emerges from the man's head, representing creativity and brilliance coming to life.

Juno Complex, an audio producer with Altered State Productions, is a content creator responsible for producing music and sound effects for commercials in the industry. Working closely with creative directors and advertisers, Juno uses his expertise in audio production to understand the desired tone and message of a commercial. His distinct sounds inspire content marketing in a variety of ad formats, including YouTube ads.

He brings these concepts to life through the creation of original music, sourcing of existing tracks, and creation of sound effects. He also works with voice actors to ensure that all audio elements are cohesive, effective, and aligned with brand strategy. He collaborates with audio engineers in the design process to ensure that the finished product meets technical and quality standards. As an audio producer with Altered State Productions, Juno's goal is to create engaging and impactful audio that helps to communicate the message and branding of a commercial through powerful emotion, which drives consumer actions.


If you're interested in hearing more from Juno Complex and Altered State Productions, check out their music on Spotify or shop audio services on our online store.


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