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Behind the Video Editing of Valyou Furniture's Viral Campaign

Updated: Jun 10

Memorable and…messy? Top internet creators attempt to destroy the un-destroyable sofa. Video editing magic and strategic video distribution turned an everyday furniture test into a must-watch event.

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In an era where everything is a click away, it takes more than a fancy jingle or a flashy billboard to catch the attention of consumers. Enter Altered State Productions, an award-winning videography and post-production studio that knows how to create a compelling narrative, even from something as ordinary as a piece of furniture.

Their recent partnership with Valyōu Furniture gave Altered State the unique opportunity to showcase the e-commerce brand’s washable and stain-proof Feathers Sofa in a groundbreaking video campaign. Valyōu tested the sofa's durability by inviting some of the internet's favorite creators to throw everything they had at it. Literally.

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The Unorthodox Approach

Produced by Combina Key of The Wolves LA, and supported by BuzzGuru - an influencer marketing tool from Semrush - the challenge was to destroy the internet's favorite sofa with a variety of household substances, from ketchup to red wine. The goal was not only to create an engaging piece of video content but also to put the Feathers Sofa's stain-resistant claims to the test.

The post-production process was essential in bringing the story to life. Every splash of wine, smear of ketchup, and blob of mustard had to be perfectly captured and color-graded to resonate with the viewers. As a post-production studio, Altered State Productions helped craft a seamless narrative from various elements, balancing the authenticity of the creator’s reactions with the visual clarity of the product’s resilience.

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The Art of Video Distribution

Of course, creating a video is only half the battle. Without the right video distribution services and strategy, even the most captivating content can go unnoticed. Fortunately, Altered State specializes in video marketing. The studio is highly skilled at maximizing the reach of videos and other types of creative content, ensuring that they resonate with the intended audience.

The production studio deployed a multi-pronged approach to distributing the Valyōu Furniture video, leveraging social media platforms, paid ads, and influencer networks. The team tailored the distribution to match the target demographic, ensuring the campaign reached busy households in need of durable, worry-free furniture.

Post-Production Services – The Key to Success

Altered State's post-production services played a crucial role in ensuring the final product was both entertaining and convincing. From video editing to visual effects and sound design, every aspect was carefully curated to enhance the narrative.

The end result was an engaging and dynamic video, showcasing the Feathers Sofa's incredible durability. The campaign was a resounding success, proving that the Feathers Sofa was indeed as stain-proof as claimed, much to the amazement of the creators and viewers alike.

This project was a testament to the power of creative storytelling, advanced post-production techniques, and strategic video distribution. Altered State Production continues to revolutionize the evolving world of e-commerce and content creation. It’s exciting to see how the studio will help more brands tell their unique stories in the most captivating way possible. See the full Case Study


About Altered State Productions

Combining influencer marketing and cutting-edge video production, Altered State Productions captures stories that resonate. Their brand integration, bolstered by a strategic agency alliance with Semrush, goes beyond mere storytelling—it demonstrates the harmonious blend of art and analytics. With a keen eye on the ever-evolving landscape of influencer campaigns, they craft visuals that engage audiences and elevate brands in a saturated digital marketplace.


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