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Google’s new AI Updates will improve Search Results Snippet Quality

Updated: Nov 6, 2023


This AI model empowers its search ranking system to check its own work by cross-referencing high quality, established search results.

Search result snippet quality

While that text box at the top of a Google search page can be helpful, it’s also been known to spread misinformation.

Google's first introduction

These bite sized Google results appear to be extra trustworthy, but much like the rest of Google results the snippets are algorithmically populated and not programmed.

Multitask Unified Model

Improving the answers people see at the top of Google Search Results is accomplished by the new AI Model

Same Message, Different Wording

The AI Model accomplishes this by cross-referencing the top snippet against established high quality search results, to see if they have the same message.

High Confidence

“We’ve found that this consensus-based technique has meaningfully improved the quality and helpfulness of featured snippet callouts,”

- Pandu Nayak, Google Search VP

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