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The Full-Site Audit that Exponentially Increases your Revenue

Updated: Feb 4

The Full-Audit metrics you're missing to create opportunities and exceedingly improve the traffic and conversions your website generates.

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When you use site audit software to run your site through, you can get specific recommendations and test how your page is performing. Assessing the content and technical aspects of your website will improve your strategies and create opportunities to exceedingly improve the traffic and conversions your website generates. So, prepare to mute your purchase notifications, we have the top metrics of a full site audit to automate, which will help bring in the revenue and cha-ching tone.


Website audits evaluate a site for its content, and technical performance, and inspect the robustness of your website's technical framework and infrastructure. It will also evaluate how friendly your website is to search engines and assess how user-friendly your website is, making it easier for visitors to find the content they are searching for. Part of optimizing your website's performance includes using tools for retail listings management, ensuring they are accurately represented and easily discoverable across all platforms.

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Foreseeing SEO opportunities begins with meticulous keyword research, guiding us to avoid common pitfalls like misguided keyword stuffing and to optimize content effectively. By developing a robust SEO strategy, informed by detailed analytics, we not only identify and act on these opportunities but also refine your site for optimal search engine performance. Our approach goes beyond mere on-page elements and off-page SEO tactics; it's about creating a holistic online presence that leverages external links and social signals to enhance your site's authority. Crucially, our strategy succeeds by putting users first, ensuring that content is engaging, informative, and tailored to meet their needs. This user-first approach naturally improves SEO, as search engines prioritize sites that offer valuable user experiences, leading to higher rankings and increased visibility.


Website audits enable a strategic refocus on effective evaluation and optimization for lead generation and conversion. Critical to boosting conversion rates, site audits meticulously examine on-page SEO elements, ensuring your site's content aligns perfectly with user intent and search engine algorithms. Your team will be able to foresee the opportunities that you have been missing that can convert spectators into leads with the right CTA's. You will see a boost in your conversion rate because any discrepancies on your landing pages will be clear and optimizable.

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Conducting a website audit gives you the opportunity to analyze and compare you're ranking against competitors. Taking action with the information through your website optimization strategy determines potential new sources of revenue.

You can utilize our SEO Services to perform an audit on your competitor's websites and your own. You can learn how your competitors are attracting visitors and see how they're garnering conversions. Be one step ahead of your competition, attract more traffic to your site, increase conversions, get recommended first by search engines, and, more importantly, secure your position as a leading competitor in your market.

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A website audit is pivotal in uncovering issues that obstruct your site's path to achieving its best SEO ranking and maximizing conversion potential. From broken links and hidden content to prolonged page load speeds, each identified problem is an opportunity to enhance your website's functionality and user experience. Addressing these issues is not just about removing obstacles; it's about optimizing every aspect of your site to meet both user expectations and search engine criteria. This direct correlation between solving technical problems and improving user experience leads to better SEO rankings, as search engines favor websites that provide a seamless, efficient, and engaging experience for visitors. By amending these issues, we pave the way for your website to not only attract more traffic but also to convert that traffic into loyal customers, thereby boosting your online visibility and revenue potential.

Now you are on your way to being a kick-ass website that makes revenue online. Take it from the team who have helped e-commerce brands generate over a quarter billion dollars in revenue worldwide during 2022. This is our secret sauce.

Get a free website audit and roadmap to improve the website's efficiency and visibility in the search engines with Altered State Productions SEO Solutions.


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