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How to Conduct a Website Audit like the Experts

Updated: Jun 10

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The Playbook 30% of Fortune 500 companies are using to Optimize their websites is revealed through a Gambling SEO technique that will guarantee ranking in the regulated markets.

Content churning powerhouse, Altered State Productions' is now ranked number 6 In Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Dallas and is breaking down the metrics of SEO technology with a Beta Stage of their SEO PowerSuite featuring Effective Keyword Grouping, Website Content Automation, specific recommendations and semantic page testing.

Find Technical Errors

The setup of your website and technical site structure are a key role in your website performance, not only for search engines but for your customers.

Identify SEO Problems

The Goal is to rank higher than your competitors for search engines to recommend your services first to their search. Being aware of SEO-related issues is a great start to achieving that goal, look into your meta descriptions, image alt text, keywords and SERPs.

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Analyze Design and UX

Design and user experience is essential for a lead to re-cycle through your funnel. This analyzation informs you of your site's most visited areas and what your audience is consuming and its impact.

Assess Website Content

Become aware, evaluate, and adjust your content strategically towards ranking well in search engines. Become aware, evaluate, and adjust so that your on-page SEO and performance are cohesive with your traffic numbers.

Generate a Checklist of All Site Issues and Recommended Fixes

  • Review the page load speed of the website and images.

  • Remove low-quality content from Google's index, and find and fix any indexing issues.

  • Research Content gap opportunities and analyze competitor sites

  • Review organic traffic SEO

  • Review structured data and snippets.

  • Review that your website is mobile friendly.

  • Review if your site has any broken links and stop 404 errors

  • Review backlinks for the good and bad ones

  • Review your website against user accessibility guidelines.

  • Review your content is giving users what they are looking for

  • Review your competitors' websites for a strategic analysis.

  • Set up keyword position tracking and alerts

  • Setup reoccurring website health monitoring and alerts

Run a full-cycle website SEO health audit to find what's affecting your search rankings. Get a free website audit and roadmap to improve the website's efficiency and visibility in the search engines with Altered State Productions SEO Solutions.


About Altered State Productions

We are a groundbreaking creative media marketing agency. From concept to completion, we see media marketing as an art form that drives our creativity and brings your vision to life. By maximizing brand identity by utilizing photography, web, video, advertising, 3D designs, animation, graphic design, sound, social media, and anything you can creatively envision to market products and services in the competitive landscape, our team of professionals can craft the right message of authenticity and experience with Our Sight—your Vision.


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