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Furniture Brand Unveils 80x ROAS Boost with Cutting-Edge Snapchat Strategy

Updated: Jun 10

Time Square Out of Home Advertising featuring a furniture brand on a billboard

The Story

Valyōu Furniture provides quality furniture at an affordable price, making designs that are on-trend and in-demand more accessible to customers. The brand sought to connect with tech-savvy customers as defined in their target demographic. For this campaign, Valyōu Furniture turned to Altered State Productions to expand reach and awareness around their intended audiences.

Altered State implemented a social media advertising campaign on Snapchat. The social media platform had proven to be an effective tool for reaching its target audiences. Snapchat also allows them to keep costs low and boost purchases while enhancing brand equity.

Loyalty Program for Furniture featuring an assembly line of furniture being purchased and money going back into a phone

The Solution

More than a media buyer, Altered State set out to drive customer actions such as swipe-ups and page views for Valyōu as part of a full marketing strategy. By utilizing goal-based bidding on Snapchat, they were able to start scaling, analyzing creative, and engaging audiences towards these goals. The results have been impressive, with improved conversion rates, more insights, lower overall costs, and more purchases.

With Snapchat's Collection Ads, Video Ads, and Dynamic Product Ads, Altered State can showcase Valyōu’s products for maximum effect. The campaign utilizes swipe-up features in content marketing and digital ads alike to lead customers right to the appropriate product or page. The content strategy was integrated into a more broad digital marketing strategy from day one. They also change creative regularly to boost impressions and grow retargeting audiences while driving 80% of prospecting audiences via Snapchat's vertical format.

Custom Audiences on Snapchat provide Valyōu Furniture with a way to broadly target Snapchatters using Lookalike Audiences and Predefined Audiences, as well as Pixel Audiences and Web Events Audiences for specific retargeting. Through Audience Insights, Altered State is able to monitor the data, demographics, and engagement from these Snapchatters. By reviewing metrics and scaling, they improve audiences, optimize targeting, and reduce costs.

With the help of Altered State Productions, Valyōu Furniture also offers unique product demos and an immersive commerce experience for customers with Snapchat's AR and Filters. In addition to Snapchat Lifestyle and user-generated content, the hi-tech features give users a uniquely immersive way to see themselves using new products. These tools and the improved user experience help to boost engagement and increase sales.

Phone showing a sofa being pulled into it through mixed reality for a mobile interior design game

The Result

When comparing platforms, Valyōu Furniture sees Snapchat managed by Altered State as the most cost effective choice. This winning combination provides a low cost per click and consistently ranks as one of their highest performing channels for return on ad spend (80x ROAS). Valyōu Furniture also benefits from the high engagement and rich data they receive from Snapchat, as well as advanced split testing and audience voting to improve advertising.

The Snapchat social media marketing services from Altered State have played a significant role in helping Valyōu Furniture shape its brand and increase brand awareness. Through cutting-edge ad formats, Filters, AR, and Audience Insights, Valyōu continues to expand reach, optimize its bidding, and boost sales on Snapchat.

isometric phone with a sofa coming out and a crowd being social


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