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Video Editing

Our video editing covers the entire postproduction spectrum, specializing in video post-production for a range of formats including video ads production, Facebook video ads, TikTok video editing, Instagram story editing, and more. We offer comprehensive solutions for social media video, content video editing, product video, teaser videos, user-generated content ads, behind-the-scenes videos, and testimonial videos.

In the assembly phase, we focus on b-roll insertion, multi-camera syncing, video assembly, preroll creation, and platform-specific formatting. Our expertise extends to content trimming, sequence organization, rough cut editing, and the creation of engaging intros and outros.

Our sound services enhance your project with sonic branding, branding indents, sound effects (SFX), and comprehensive audio mixing mastering. We integrate voice-overs, ambience audio, offer voice enhancement, and navigate music licensing. Our team excels in noise repair, sync mixing, and utilizes Logic Pro X for top-tier audio quality.

Color grading is handled by our pro colorists, offering color grading services, color correction, custom LUT creation, and noise reduction. We excel in raw footage organization, color replacements, and shot matching to ensure visual consistency and appeal.

For graphics, we design graphic titles, motion graphics, intros and outros, and thumbnail design. Our capabilities include subtitling and captioning, visual effects (VFX), lower thirds, Cinema 4D graphics, and the creation of brand identity assets. We produce animated logos, video overlays, UI/UX animations, interactive video elements, and 3D animation to make your content stand out.

Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of video editing, from initial assembly to the intricacies of sound and color grading, topped off with high-impact graphics, ensuring your content is polished, engaging, and ready for distribution across any platform.

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