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How to Create and Optimize Stickers on GIPHY for Your Brand

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

In this guide, we'll show you how to create and optimize stickers on GIPHY to enhance your brand's presence on the platform. We'll cover sticker design guidelines, file requirements, and optimization tips to help your brand's stickers stand out and be easily discoverable on GIPHY.

Stickers are a popular form of visual communication on social media platforms, and creating and sharing your own branded stickers can help increase brand recognition and engagement. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of creating and optimizing stickers on GIPHY for your brand. From sticker design guidelines to file requirements and optimization tips, you'll learn everything you need to know to create and share your own branded stickers on the platform.

Sticker VS GIF

A GIPHY sticker is a type of animated image, just like a GIF, but it has a transparent background and often includes a border or other design elements. Stickers are commonly used in messaging apps, social media platforms, and other digital communication channels as a way to express emotion, convey information, or add humor to a conversation. 

Basically, it’s a moving image with a transparent background.  While GIFs can also be used for these purposes, they typically have a solid background and are often larger in file size compared to stickers. Additionally, stickers are usually designed to be reusable and customizable, with users able to add text, resize, or layer them on top of other images.

Sticker Design Guidelines

  1. Keep your stickers simple, visually appealing, and relevant to your brand. Use consistent colors, fonts, and images that align with your brand identity to make your stickers visually appealing and easily recognizable.

  2. Ensure your stickers are easy to understand and use in various contexts, such as messaging apps and social media platforms. Avoid blurry text and pixelated imagery.

  3. Use transparent backgrounds for seamless integration on any platform.

GIF File Requirements

  1. Stickers should be saved as GIF files.

  2. The maximum file size for stickers is 8MB.

  3. Stickers should have a transparent background to ensure seamless integration on any platform where they are used.

  4. Avoid using copyrighted content or trademarks in your stickers.

Optimizing Stickers for Search

  1. Use descriptive file names that include relevant keywords, such as your brand name, product or service, and any associated themes or emotions.

  2. Create a list of relevant tags to add to your stickers during the upload process, including your brand name, relevant hashtags, and any other keywords that accurately describe your sticker's content or message.

  3. Use trending topics and popular hashtags to increase the visibility of your stickers.

  4. Create stickers that are relevant to current events, holidays, or other timely topics to capitalize on increased search traffic.

Creating and optimizing stickers on GIPHY is an effective way to increase brand recognition and engagement on social media. By following the sticker design guidelines, file requirements, and optimization tips provided in this guide, you can create and share high-quality branded stickers that stand out and are easily discoverable on the platform.

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Now that you have created strategic stickers for your brand account, it's time to take the next step in our walkthrough: Uploading Stickers to Giphy to properly submit GIFs for review and discover ability on the platform.


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