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How to Upload Brand Stickers to GIPHY

Updated: Feb 4

Uploading stickers to GIPHY is an essential step in promoting your brand and engaging your audience. Learn how to upload, tag, and manage your stickers in this step-by-step guide.

GIPHY is the world's largest library of animated stickers, and it offers a powerful platform for brands to promote their products and services. Uploading stickers to GIPHY can increase your brand's visibility and engagement, and it's a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of uploading, tagging, and managing your stickers on GIPHY.

GIF Upload Process

  1. The first step in uploading stickers to GIPHY is to log in to your GIPHY account and click on the 'Upload' button in the top right corner. 

  2. You can then drag and drop your sticker files or click 'Choose Files' to browse your computer for the files. You can upload multiple stickers simultaneously, but remember to stay within the 8MB file size limit for each sticker.

Adding Tags and Source URL

  1. After uploading your stickers, add relevant tags to each one to improve their discoverability in GIPHY's search engine. Tags should be descriptive, relevant, and include popular search terms related to your brand and the sticker's content. 

  2. Additionally, add a source URL, if applicable, to direct users to your website or a specific landing page related to the sticker. This will increase backlinks to your site.

  3. Finally, ensure the 'Public' privacy setting is selected so that your stickers can be found and used by GIPHY users. 

  4. Click 'Upload to GIPHY' to finish the process.

Managing Your Stickers

  1. To manage your uploaded stickers, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select 'Your Channel' from the dropdown menu. Here, you can view, edit, or delete your uploaded stickers. 

  2. To edit a sticker, hover over the sticker and click on the pencil icon. You can update the tags, source URL, or privacy settings.

  3. To delete a sticker, hover over the sticker and click on the trash bin icon. 

  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking 'Delete' in the popup window.

Uploading stickers to GIPHY is a simple process that can have a big impact on your brand's visibility and engagement. By following these steps to upload, tag, and manage your stickers on GIPHY, you can promote your brand and engage your audience in a fun and creative way.

You have now successfully created a branded GIPHY account and uploaded your custom stickers. By following the guidelines and tips provided in this manual, your stickers will be easily discoverable and shareable across various platforms, helping you to engage your audience and promote your brand effectively. Keep creating and updating your sticker library to maintain a fresh and engaging presence on GIPHY.  

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